Monday, December 21, 2015

Why dynamic floor plan for a convention center is important now? How to create dynamic or responsive maps for any floor using map builder?

Convention centers are huge and it easily accommodates many people inside it. In huge store building’s it’s always a must to have a floor plan. Floor plan can help the guest of the building in locating and spotting the area of their choice. Floor plan can also ensure that its users don’t get lost in the buildings and it will make their experience simpler and comfortable. Floor plan of convention centers will be useful for all the people entering it, as the floor plan will be their first guide in understanding the structure of the center. Knowing the floor plan can guide it’s users to the spot of their choice without wasting time, it can avoid hassle’s and there will be less chances of people getting lost when they follow the floor plan. The usage of the floor plan will show the interconnections of different area’s in the sector, which can in turn be used by the organizers of the center.

With so many plus points, it’s a must to have a dynamic floor plan for a convention center. It’s crucial to always have a floor plan that will ensure its users have a hassle free smooth sailing experience while in a convention center. Creating a floor plan can also be done with the usage of map builder software, in fact the map builder software is so easy to use that any computer literate can use it without knowing anything about programming, coding and drawing. Map builder software will assist you in creating responsive maps for any floor, and we will show you how simple it is from the points listed below.

To create a floor plan, you will require an image of the floor plan with all the rooms, spaces and different spots in it. This diagram should be saved in an image format on your device.

Select create a new map project, from the templates select the option Import a custom map image. This option is available on the right hand side.

Open the image of your floor plan and this image will now work as the base structure for your map.

As a convention center is huge and has several rooms and features, you can highlight different areas using color, markers, logos, images and information to explain the significance of each area in the center.

Use different tools that are available in the map builder software, to make it look attractive and easy to understand.

After you have edited the map, save the project and select the option preview and publish.

Here you have to select the responsive map feature; this feature will ensure that your interactive floor plan map will fit on the screen of all devices irrespective of its size.

When you select preview, you will see that the dynamic floor plan is ready to use. Copy the embed code and past it on the responsive website for the floor plan to appear on the webpage.

Friday, November 20, 2015

How to create interactive route maps using map builder software?

Routing maps are not just useful for airlines, metros, trains, ships and other modes of transportation. Routing maps can be used for a wider range of subjects too; pathways are normally laid and used by different kinds of traveling agencies. However routing maps are not limited to traveling agencies alone. 

Map builder software has the option to create and set up a background image as the map layout structure, this option gives routing maps an endless list of subjects wherein this feature can be used. Example: Huge offices, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, art galleries, museums etc can place their building layout as the map background image. On the image chosen by them, pointers and markers can be placed to explain different routes and highlights of their organization. These pathways and routes can be set up on their respective websites using mapbuilder software.

In order for users to create interactive routing maps, we have listed some useful steps below. These steps are applicable to the existing templates from the world map in map builder. So let’s proceed with the basic method of creating interactive routing maps by following the steps below

>  Open a new map project.
> Select the map and location of your choice.
 > Click on edit mode.
> Select the add map curves tab and add map paths (lines) tab from the vertical toolbar.
> Click on the tab with icon T from left hand vertical menu. This will allow you to label the map.
> Click on top of the map to add the label.
> On the bottom of the page, you have a properties box wherein information can be entered and edited manually. Add the text of your choice and enter the label of your map.
> Click on the tab next to the label name to edit font. Select font and color of your choice.
> Left hand vertical tool bar has a select tab with a mouse icon on it. This tab is used to move and change positions of any content on the map, this can be done via click and drag method. This tab is used frequently while creating interactive maps.
> Click on the pin icon from overlay tabs on the left hand menu.
> This icon assists to add markers and to edit marker properties
> Click on the region of your choice to add markers.
> You can view the properties box below.
> Double Click on the marker icon and select the symbol of your choice from the list provided in the software.
> Click on the spots of your choice and update the name, height, width, label, label position, link to web address, information box etc as per your choice. This option should be used on different areas of the map, make use of different fonts and images via information box rich text editor.
> As this will enhance the beauty of your map.
> After you added markers and information.
> Click on different icons on the left hand menu to add lines or curves. Lines option will appear if you selected add map path from the right hand vertical menu. Curves option will be available if you selected add curves from the menu.
> The markers can be used as starting and ending points in the path. Click on the markers and place the curves and lines as per your choice.
> Curves or lines move according to the movement of the mouse, by right clicking the mouse the position would be aligned to it.
> This can be edited and deleted with the right click of the mouse too.
> Curves and lines colors, width, thickness, size and symbols can be edited too.
> The properties box will appear below, when you select the icon and work on the map. The required info can be edited through it.
> After you edited and added all the information of your choice, click on preview to view the final result of your interactive routing map.

You can tickle your creative nerve by using various features available to create interactive route maps. The route map can be self explanatory and visually attractive to look at, depending on the options selected by you. Therefore make the most of map builder and create the best that you can.

Friday, October 30, 2015

What features should a map builder software have? How to create and embed a labeled country map in your website or presentation project?

Map software helps us to create maps that can be used for
different purposes, such as traveling, shopping, dining, weather,
scientific research, geography and many more.  For businesses, embed
an interactive map in website can help visitors to locate your
branches, stores, products, or distributors much easier and faster.

Map Builder Software

There are various option for creating your very own map based on your needs and requirements. Creating and using maps on websites has now become easy with the latest map builder software. The maps can be created for different reasons, apart from websites too.

Usually map software should have basic features such as automatic labeled maps, pointers, graphs, statistics, editing states or country maps, pop up information box, coloring tool, hovering tool, routing lines, symbols and highlights. All these features can be used to explain the matter in the map as per its needs and requirements. If we look at a map it should be user friendly and easy to understand. Therefore the above mentioned options are the basic necessary features that your map builder should have. If the map builder can automatically locate, give the required information of the country, its states and their abbreviations then that would serve as a plus point for map builder software.


The terms auto labeled maps, mouse hovering option, information box, coloring maps, editing text, etc. are easy to understand because they are self explanatory. For example auto labeled maps already have states, countries and different continent information already loaded in it. The abbreviations and short forms are also available in such software. When a person hover the mouse over a specific color or state they should get the required information of that particular state or region. Hence, the above mentioned features are a must have in your map software to make it understandable and accessible.